too much to do?Let’s face it. It isn’t easy growing and nurturing a business. It never feels like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. Perhaps it’s time to take stock of where you could use a little help.

Here are 5 things that a virtual assistant team can take off your plate now:

1. Social media. A virtual assistant (VA) team will create and execute your entire social media presence, whether it’s creating posts for Facebook and Twitter, participating in discussions on LinkedIn, promoting events or responding to comments, a VA can handle it all.

And if you don’t already blog, don’t worry, you will now.

VA’s can also manage your email communications (e-blasts, event invites, newsletters etc) by writing the content for you and scheduling the communications.

2. Website. A virtual assistant team can help build and maintain your website by writing copy, adding features like a shopping cart, and uploading videos and recordings.

3. Outreach. Getting your name and business out there is crucial and a VA can take much of the load off, by researching and identifying potential speaking opportunities, and contacting them on your behalf.

4. Creating info products. An info product is anything digital that can be downloaded from your website or emailed to a person, including blogs, articles, special reports, eBooks, newsletters, tele-classes, webinars, podcasts and videos. And yep, you guessed it! A VA team can assist you with developing them all.

5. Administrative tasks. You are one busy bee….you’ve got meetings, networking events, not to mention providing your amazing service to your clients. Why not offload the day to day stuff to your new VA? Whether it’s scheduling, conducting online research, general data entry, tracking, managing contacts and drafting proposals, a VA’s got your back.

Additionally, editing/proofing is also a helpful skill that a VA can offer, giving you comfort in knowing all your content and communications will be perfect before seen by the public.

Outsourcing responsibilities to a virtual assistant team gives you the time to focus on activities you enjoy and those that produce income.

If you are a business owner/entrepreneur who would love a little help getting organized, tackling administrative duties, and building your customer base with the help of a killer communications/marketing plan, please look us up!

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