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(no opt-in required) Self-Care and Self-Love tips – our ability to take good self-care allows us to give and provide more for others. This guide includes several ways to take self-care now.

(no opt-in required) Immunity-Boosting tips – taking care of our immunity during times of stress and uncertainty will help keep our bodies healthy. This guide includes 5 ways to boost your immunity right now. It also includes 5 bonus tips.

VA Prep Checklist & Worksheets – you’re ready to hire a VA, this checklist and worksheets will provide you with questions to ask, a place to track your logins, make notes for budget, must-haves, etc.

Make Delegation a Habit – a 10-day challenge designed to support you in identifying what to delegate and how to work with a team; includes downloadable worksheets with actionable guidance to implement faster


photo of the site creator, Dortha Hise

A note from me:

Hey there – I’m Dortha Hise and I’m the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator and Joy Giver at Pretty Smart Virtual Services. I’m sassy, fun, and smart-assy! My team of kick-ass virtual assistants and I have supported dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners to figure out what to delegate and how to prioritize those tasks to increase their leverage, efficiency, and productivity in their business with delegation. Another way that I support my clients is by helping them take time for themselves, whether to workout, take a vacation with their loved ones, or something else, I’ve supported them to take time away from their business and focus on themselves.

The fastest way to get off the train of the drain, exhaustion, missing appointments, and feeling guilty for all of that …is to slow down, take time for self-care. And better self-care of you allows you to give and care for those around you. It will also allow you to show up and live out a bigger version of yourself in what you do and fall back in love with your business and your life again!

I have been practicing self-care for several years to allow me to support others and be of service to my clients. These are the tools that can help you get back on track, too…today – and the rest of your life!

Hugs, love, and T. rex always,


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