website_3D Mock UpYou can Rise Out of the Ashes and Reignite YOUR Joy!

Have you experienced a loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, a business partner or big client or job?

Are you feeling like the loss has affected you at your core and feels like your life will never go back to “normal?”

I wrote Rising Above the Ashes: Reigniting Your Joy After Any Loss to support you along your grief journey to find and reignite your joy! The stories shared on the pages of Rising Above the Ashes came from my own experience of losing twenty-eight people over the course of two years and I got a clear sign that my experience might be able to help others cope with their own loss and grieving. I share stories from my journey of deep heartbreak and loss and provide tips for you to go from broken-hearted to reignited joy for life and continued support to move forward.

When my Mom died unexpectedly, I wish someone would have told me about all of the swings in my emotions – literally from laughing one minute to bawling shortly thereafter. I wish that someone would have hugged me and said: “it’s not going to be easy, if you’re willing to do the work to heal, there will be joy after all of this overwhelm and chaos.”

If you’re ready to get out of the overwhelm you may be experiencing and begin the journey to
healing your broken heart, this book is for you. Order your autographed copy now!

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