I recently came across an interesting article on what makes happy people tick. No surprise, happy people are generally happy because they maintain a positive outlook on life and they are at peace with themselves. But how exactly do they do this? What do they do differently than those unhappy folks out there? Turns out they tend to practice some pretty stellar habits that are worth catching on to….you can read the article here. 

This got me thinking even more about happiness and how we acquire it and I decided to poll my team, who are always full of brilliant insight! Here’s what they had to say:

Happy people smile. Even on a bad day, simply smiling can start to turn your day around and you start to feel better.

~ Alison

Happy people take time for FUN! Sure, they may have a business meeting scheduled for 9am or be cleaning the bathroom at 3pm, but they’ve also made time to catch fireflies with the kids or go for pedicures with the girls too. And, happy people say “Yes!” I don’t mean saying yes to every single thing that everyone ever asks them to do, and then getting overwhelmed because they’re stretched too thin. I mean, not being afraid to say yes to things they’ve always wanted to do…”YES, I’ll sign up for that photography class!” “YES, I’m going to hike the Pacific Crest Trail!” “YES, I’m going to change jobs, or career, or go back to school!” “YES, I’m going to have a dance party in the kitchen this morning, because well, why not?!” They say “YES” to life!

~ Lindsay

Happy people always reconnect with nature whether they live in the city, the woods, or somewhere in between. Nature and wilderness are our natural source of happiness and peace. By turning our faces towards the sun and the beauty of nature we find ourselves happy and blossoming. When people disconnect from nature, they get depressed, burnt out and exhausted. Spending time in nature benefits our physical, emotional and spiritual health, wellbeing and development. We belong to nature and our need for contact with the green world cannot be satisfied by any other mean. Filled with flowers, mountains, animals, waters and other lovely elements, the great outdoors will bring happiness to you when you seek it. Once you embrace the beautiful scenery you’ll find yourself smiling, peaceful and inspired and will look forward to going there again. That’s why according to many researches and documentaries the happiest people live on remote islands or wilderness areas working in agriculture.

~ Anastasia

I whole heartedly agree that happy people do indeed have to decide to be happy, it is certainly a choice, and often it’s hard to overcome those hurdles that get in the way after a day starts off bumpy. Happy people:

  • Acknowledge their shortcomings
  • Have great social and professional boundaries..learn how to say “yes” and also “no,”
  • Know when to throw in the proverbial towel
  • Know how to be truly present
  • Forgive themselves and move on
  • Don’t have expectations of others

~ Carly

Happy people speak about other people and circumstances in the positive! They try to find the good in people that might be difficult to like. They also treat rude and discourteous people with courtesy and respect – they don’t go to the fight they are being invited to.

~ Susan

What habits do you think happy people practice that contribute to their happiness?

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