dreams, passions, aspirationsWe all had aspirations and dreams–probably pretty big ones–by the age of 10. I can recall having a passion to do three things at that age: become a ballerina, and after that, I wanted to go to law school and medical school…I wanted to be an attorney and a doctor. Ah yes, I tended to be an over-achiever, but I had fun with it. I remember walking home from school with a friend and as we crossed the street and a car went speeding by, without slowing for us, we made a joke that I could be the doctor who operated on us and the attorney who represented our case.

I ended up working as a paralegal for 10 years, but ultimately determined that the legal field was not my true passion. While I learned a LOT, I discovered that my heart was not happy in that environment…I have been an entrepreneur for the last 11 years and I have loved it–I love connecting with potential clients, I love to support my team, and I wake up happier each day.

When you were 10, what did you want to be?

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