My birthday month is April. I thought my affinity for grilled cheese was simply a comfort food love LOL. Turns out, my birthday shares the month of April with National Grilled Cheese Month! Here’s a low-calorie option for the classic, that I personally love:

1 multi-grain sandwich thin (100 calories)
1 slice of Tilamook cheese, medium cheddar (90 calories)
1 teaspoon of butter for cooking (spread onto both sides of the sandwich before cooking) (25 calories, for the type of butter I use)
1 teaspoon of olive oil mayonaise (30 calories–I use Best Foods Olive Oil Mayo)

tumblr_m9mh92OiYc1rairjso1_500The total calories for this sandwich is 245–and it’s delicious! Other variations I like to include are tomatoes and thinly sliced ham. YUM!

What’s your favorite type of grilled cheese or other sandwich? I’d ¬†love your recipe to try out!

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