At my last doctor’s visit with the specialist in September, I was left at a crossroads: get botox injections into my vocal cords or seek a new doctor…so I began researching other holistic approaches (I had already been using my essential oils, seen medical intuitives, seen biofeedback specialists, etc.) to help heal my vocal cords (I am now at about eight and a half months without my voice). A very dear friend of mine who has been fighting breast cancer for the past few years recommended her acupuncturist to me. She even pleaded with the office to get me in sooner than my April 2014 date and I got a call a few weeks ago that they had an opening. I was so thrilled! I booked the appointment and filled out the paperwork they sent for my completion.

I did little to no research before I went because I knew that would only add to my nervousness about what the appointment would entail. I did look up things like Is it ok to eat before? and How will I feel after? but nothing specific.

I got to the office for my 2 pm appointment and was greeted by a friendly receptionist who assisted me in the completion of my new patient materials (signing a few more papers and receiving my “welcome packet”). I then sat, nervously awaiting my name to be called. A few minutes later, I was called into a room. The gal who walked me back advised that the acupuncturist would be in within a few moments and that I would then disrobe and put the gown on and the procedure would commence.

The acupuncturist’s assistant asked me a series of questions about my medical history, looked at my tongue and then asked me to put the gown on (opening to the back–always good to know), returning a few moments later to take my blood pressure. She advised it was relatively low and then had me lay back on the table and try to relax while I waited for the acupuncturist to come in.

As I lay on the table, I was pondering all of the “what ifs” and “how about this or that”…in my head.

Acupuncture When the acupuncturist came in, she immediately got to work. I felt the needles placed on my skin and then a light tapping as she set them into place (she is so good at what she does, I really barely felt it though!) She put in somewhere around 20 on the front (chest, front of elbow area, stomach, calf area, and inside of my ankles) of my body and said “Ok, try and relax –we’ll be back in about 15 minutes and we’ll do the other side.” All I could think was “OTHER SIDE!?” LOL…. As I lay for the first 15 minutes, it took what felt like forever to “relax” as she suggested. I finally did though and then a few minutes later, she returned, took all the needles out and had me rotate to my stomach and inserted another 20 needles or so into the back of my neck, all down my back, the outside of my shoulders and the calf area on my legs – and again, another 15 minutes to relax.

When the time was up, she came in, took out all of the needles and asked if I felt I could sit up, which I did. She said I tolerated the procedure very well and she believes that I ought to begin seeing results in a few sessions. We are scheduled for once a week for the next 6 or so weeks.

I am hopeful, after she shared with me two other patients she has helped back to vocal health (they are both recovering their voices after similar conditions as mine) that I too will have a return of my voice in the near future.

I will keep you posted…

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