Acupuncture needles from today’s session

I just completed my 3rd acupuncture session, and have experienced many interesting things at each appointment.

When I lay on my back, I find it difficult to be entirely comfortable. For example, I felt a little bit concerned that if I let my leg rest too much to one side or the other, I might jab myself with one of the needles. Then when I flip over to my stomach, for some reason I’m able to relax more completely.

How each session has worked so far is that I disrobe and put on the gown (like a hospital gown, with the opening to the back–LOL). Then the acupuncturist comes in and inserts the needles, then lets me know she will be back in a short while (I believe around 15 minutes or so). They leave me with a buzzer in my hand, in case of emergency – I can push the button and someone will come to my aid. There is also a lovely heat lamp they place over my feet or my back (depending on which side I’m laying on).

In last week’s session, I experienced “flashes” of a bunch of different things while I was probably in a light sleep cycle. Of note, one of the flashes I received during this session is that the acupuncture isn’t going to be what restores my voice…I sought an answer to the question: “what will be the solution?” to which I did not receive a ‘flash.’

I did a bit of research on the topic of visual flashes and acupuncture and apparently, the scientific explanation is that I was experiencing an increase in blood flow to my visual cortex. I don’t know how to fully describe what I experienced, it was very interesting. But I was in no way alarmed or scared, it was quite relaxing.

An interesting thing happened at this week’s session. After the needles were removed from my back, the acupuncturist advised they were going to do one more “hot treatment” on my kidneys in an effort to help my vocal cords. I think the needles were heated and placed into my back, where my kidneys are located. After today’s treatment, I was fairly light-headed for a few minutes after the session and had to be careful as I dressed afterward.

As of this writing, my vocal health has not yet been restored but I am still optimistic that acupuncture will support me in achieving the goal of full vocal restoration.

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