Have you ever been searching and searching for something and when you finally find the answer you experience an indescribable sense of relief? I saw a specialist yesterday and after almost 10 weeks of voicelessness, I’m beginning to finally get some answers!

smiling mouthI am much more encouraged. I have now been diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia–it’s basically excessive and intensive stress / tension in the muscles around my vocal cords. The specialist I met with turned out to be a surgeon, which was not what I need (whew!), and he introduced me to a woman he called a voice scientist. She did some rigorous massage on my throat and neck…it has helped and brought back a little bit of my vocal range. I’ve got some vocal exercises to begin doing and I have another appointment with her at the end of April.

What have been going through lately that you are starting to see the “light at the end of the tunnel?”

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