Last week, we talked about how blogging can be an important addition to your business. The great thing about blogs is that they can be turned into articles! Blogs are typically shorter, where articles are over 500 words. You may consider writing a “top ten” article related to your business.

After you’ve written the article, there are several sites online where you can submit your article. This widens your audience base considerably.

Here is a sample list of websites they you can submit to:

  • Search Articles
  • Ezine Articles
  • Business Highlight
  • Business Know How
  • Article Feeder
  • Article Base
  • Articles Alley

Before you submit your article, make sure you read the posting instructions carefully. Some sites require exclusivity, meaning you can only post the article to them and not to multiple sites.

Also, make sure to carefully edit all your writing. If you don’t have strong editing skills, find a good editor to help you out. The last thing you want is to proliferate something with typos all over it.


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