A podcast is a unique type of digital media that can become part of a series, in a video or audio format that can be subscribed to and downloaded from your website. The word “podcast” comes from the term “broadcast” and from the iPod® to create “podcast.”  You can tune into a podcast in several ways: through your computer, an iPhone, or an MP3 player.

Podcasts are typically short in length (about 30 minutes or less). There are varying degrees of involvement for podcasts—you can create your own website and files, edit them and post them, or you can utilize a third-party service to host, such as BlogTalkRadio®. This might be getting too technical again for you, like we discussed in the previous post about tele-classes and webinars. Again, this is a great opportunity to get some help, either from a techie friend or a virtual assistant who knows her stuff.

Another tool you can use to reach your techie audience is videos. You can tape yourself giving a speech, or even just giving quick tips or suggestions, and then upload it to YouTube®, and post on your website. Videos should be short, and your content should be well-thought out before you begin. No one is interested in rambling when there are cute babies to watch.

Once you have your podcast and video, you can proliferate it through your social media.

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