How many times can you start a post and end up deciding “Nah, I’m still not ready to share this…”?

Well, the last time I did that is the last time for this particular topic… mkay?

I want to share some deeply personal shit with you.

Some things that are difficult to articulate.

Some things that are tough.

I’ve been revamping myself and my business this year and finding a balance and fusion in all of the skills that I bring to my clients… and it felt fitting to share this with you.

After being abandoned 3 times in my first 5 years of life, I learned as an adult the importance of having a strong support network around me – a team.

Fast forward to 2 years between 2012-2014, I endured the loss of 28 people (they all died from different things), I learned the importance of deep self-care, and re-connecting with nature after a 3-day backpacking trip helped me to once again find peace in my heart.

I am passionate about helping women learn how to find the fusion between their business and their mental health because I know that self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity for general well-being and it allows us to show up in all areas of life better.

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