About 8 months ago, I signed up for a service called grateful160 which sends by email a prompting for me to reply in an email what I’m grateful for at that moment. I’ve been in practice with it every day, twice a day, for the past 8 months and I have to say what an impact it has made for me.

So this Thanksgiving season, I asked our team to reflect on what we are grateful for and here are our responses:

“I am grateful for my family, my husband and our crazy, fun girls. I am grateful for good friends that bring laughter and support through the day.”

–Alison Jones-Lockwood

“I am grateful for friends who stand beside you and hold your hand when you need them, for family who love & accept you just as you are and for comforts of home like a pot of soup, homemade bread and a cuddly dog who warms your heart and reminds you how blessed you are and that everything is going to be okay. “

–Louise Umeki

“I am grateful for having the ability to take care of people who I love, make a difference in their lives, brighten their days, plant a smile on their face and make them feel happy. I am grateful for being able to bring a ray of light into their lives by doing small things that matter 🙂 I am also grateful that I can take care of myself with understanding and love, and that every day takes me to the next step of my own spiritual growth.”

–Anastasia Barre

“Blessed with a wonderful son and daughter, work I love, the awesome people in my life and being able to work with Dortha’s team. Grateful for all that God provides each day.”

–Susan Mayfield

“Ryan is very grateful for Dortha hooking him up with bunches of work!  I’m grateful for being able to finally spread my wings and start hiring a few people to assist with the build of this new virtual business.  If it weren’t for Dortha and her inspiration, keen marketing skills, and the drive to bring in new work, I don’t think I’d be here doing this side business today!  I’m also grateful that I have a full time day job with a great company that allows me to shine in my job. 

“I’m also grateful for all of my loving friends and family and am looking forward to spending some quality time with them over this Holiday weekend.

“I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and please don’t forget about the less fortunate families out there in need of some assistance over these Holidays.  Anything helps to make this a special Holiday for them and their families.

“Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

–Ryan Ammons

“At this very moment I am thankful for a sturdy home, electricity and heat after a near miss from superstorm Sandy. I am also grateful for the health of my family both here and out west. I am also so very grateful for my husband’s and my drive and willingness to work hard…with that we know we can do anything we set our minds to!”

–Carly Reich

“I’m thankful to be surrounded by friends and family who I love dearly.  I’m especially thankful for my wonderful husband and my amazing little daughter.”

–Kristen Wagner

“I am grateful for so many things. I feel blessed each and every day – for good health, a home, for mine and my husband’s jobs, food to feed my family, clean water, living in a safe, peaceful community, my friends, family and most of all two incredible young children. I am so very grateful to be their mother. And on a special note, in the past 4.5 years, we have utilized the services of pediatricians, pediatric cardiologists, a pediatric cardiac surgeon, many nurses, a speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and a handful of preschool teachers! I am so grateful to each of them for their time and expertise, and that they chose the professions they did.”

–Lindsay Benson

“I am grateful for the abundance that has been coming happened in my life. I have made so many tremendous connections and brought new clients and individuals to our virtual assistant team. I am really grateful for coaching that I have participated in, and what paths are being revealed to me in my life to walk in my purpose, to own the value we bring as a team for our clients. I am also excited about our team revolutionizing the virtual assistant world. I am grateful every day for my friends and family.”

–Dortha Hise

I encourage you to sign up for grateful160–it’s a free service–and each week you’ll get an email summary of all you had to be thankful for over the week, as well as an online journal that you can access at any time. Check out details here: http://grateful160.com/

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