After I read the blog “Make It Easier for Your Prospects to Buy From You For Goodness Sakes!” by Katrina Sawa, I really called into question what I’m doing in my business and what I’m not doing in my business. As it is the year end, and I’m reflecting on ideas for the New Year, I thought it would be fun to go through Katrina’s blog and reflect on what I am doing and what I have an opportunity for growth in. Here they are:

  1. Do you have click and buy buttons on your website?
    1. a.    Yes, but need to enhance my shopping cart.
  2. Do you have fill in forms to capture more information from interested prospects on your website?
    1. a.    Not enough of them, no.
  3. Do you have an opt in box on your website that gives prospects really cool free information that THEY WANT so they’ll at least get on your ezine?
    1. Yes.
  4. Do you answer all their questions on your product and service sales pages so they aren’t confused or leave with questions not buying?
    1. I think that I do…could use some review and upgrading on this item.
  5. Do you always have enough business cards with you when you go networking?
    1. Absolutely.
  6. Do you always have a special offer TODAY when you’re networking?
    1. Yes. But I need to hone my delivery of these each time I’m networking.
  7. Do you always have a paper order form with you when networking to take cards today and sign prospects up for stuff? (PS – those square things are ok but that money doesn’t get recorded in your shopping cart so watch out for more manual labor later!)
    1. a.    I do, but again, need to use it more regularly. 


As for me, I see that I have some areas for opportunity and growth. How about for you in your business? Did you take a look at the questions above and answer them for your own business? This is a great time to create an action plan for your goals and implement them for the New Year! Start now!

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