Fun Fact: I wear my heart on my sleeve.

What does that mean? I had to look it up myself for clarity… haha… and according to Collins Dictionary, it means: “you openly show your feelings or emotions rather than keeping them hidden.”

Yeah, that’s totally me.

People know how I feel about things by my demeanor, the expressions on my face, what I say/ don’t say, etc. (sometimes it’s my snarky workout tanks)

Sometimes it’s hard to articulate exactly how I feel about things… and it’s in those moments especially when I think I’m most grateful for the fact that I don’t hide my emotions.

I cry when it’s not always opportune. Sometimes a song comes on and reminds me of someone who has passed away… it evokes tears. Sometimes visiting an incredibly amazing place evokes strong emotions and I cry. Sometimes talking about those experiences can bring tears.

I embrace it.

Sometimes I laugh at something that isn’t necessarily funny at the moment, however, the situation reminds me of something that IS funny… and I laugh. I like to quote movies and sometimes I get so far down a rabbit hole of responding to the movie quotes in the conversation that I actually snort with laughter.

I embrace that, too.

Deeper still, and perhaps more importantly, I believe it’s important to TALK about our emotions. It’s important to SHARE our feelings. It helps others to talk about their feelings and what they are going through as well.

It’s important to have difficult conversations.
It’s important to share what you need with others.
It’s important to laugh with others.
It’s important to be ourselves.

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

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