Monday Motivation: We Are All Butterflies.

Last weekend while hiking with our friends and their two young kids, I was walking with the older of the two kids (who is 10) and we got to talking about all of the animals we saw… the ducks, the turkeys, the sheep, a couple of spiders, and some beetles.

Then we saw a couple of caterpillars scooting along the trail, and we stopped to watch them for a moment… and take a photo.

This moment got me thinking about how we are all butterflies developing from pupae into the gorgeous butterfly God designed us to be.

And then I came across this quote and I knew I had to share the sentiment!

I really got to thinking about the cycle of our lives and the cycle of a butterfly from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly.

It’s marvelous, beautiful, a tad bit mysterious, and heaps of magical. <3

Everything I encounter on Earth is all part of my process… my chrysalis… my transformation. Ahhh. With every step in that evolution, I’m working toward becoming the best version of myself and I think that’s pretty darned awesome!

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