Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip… Make The Experience Fun!

We hear from a lot of friends that they could never do what we do… and they think we’re incredibly hardcore. And for some reason, I think those concepts become interchangeable and exclusive for some friends.

I’m here to clear up the mystery – yes what we do is extreme and intense… by some people’s standards. There are people who do more than us and they probably consider our adventures a walk in the park… it’s all about scale and experience, right? hehe

When we take friends out on trips… we want to make sure they enjoy the experience and that they have fun. We want them to enjoy it and want to do it again!

We currently have some friends who want to do an overnight trip with us… and Jason and I were talking about where we might go… and while the 35-mile trip we were looking at will definitely be amazing and beautiful… 35 miles in 2 days is a lot for someone new to the sport… so we are looking for some other options.

Balance. Beauty. Joy. Enjoyment.

Yes, we want them to challenge themselves… and yes, we want them to enjoy it so they might go with us on another trip sometime. 😉

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