Motivation Monday: Unplug To Recharge.

It sounds counter-intuitive, right?

Hear me out…

Last week, Jason mentioned to me that he wanted to take some time away from our computers and get out and enjoy nature.

On Thursday, we shut down around noon and also turned off notifications on our phones.

We ran a few errands that needed our attention on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, we packed a picnic and drove out to a reservoir that Jason had designed a project for a number of years ago… to see if the project had ever been built. It had not.

On Saturday, we met up with some friends and hiked to Flora Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. It wasn’t a particularly long or technical hike… however, the main attraction of this adventure was to see the Sierra Alphorns practice. It was an incredible experience! Here’s a link to a few videos Jason and I took and posted (with their permission) if you’d like to hear more –


Unplugging is a necessary part of the recharging process. I believe that recharging is exponentially enhanced with time in nature. <3 And that recharging can be further still enhanced if enjoyed together.

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