Wednesday Wisdom: Change Is Constant.

Just because i have changed doesn’t mean my relationships with others change.

It is, however, interesting to note that the changes in me may seem like others have changed… or my relationships with others have changed.

This got me thinking about change in general.

And the last 2 years and living in a pandemic… and identifying what matters most to me.

I have discovered that I pay closer attention to others’ vibrational frequency.

Sometimes the changes I’ve worked on in myself stir up things in others that prevent us from being the same kind of friends we once were.

Hurts my heart… because I love deeply and fully with all of my heart.

And it also is something worth noticing because maybe it’s one of those situations of they were in my life for a particular reason or season.

Maybe they will come back. Maybe they won’t.

And I trust the process.

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