lakeWhen you think of the lake, you think of fun times in the bright sunshine. You might even think of that fun as a great way to get your exercise too. Well what about the toys for the lake? You might have grown up with a rope swing and a cheapo air mattress, but lake toys have come a long way since then. The beauty here? These are not just for the young but also for the young-at-heart!

Big inflatable island – From the air it must look like a muffin tin. There are 9 holes for 9 bodies to come up through or sit in, and you can play all sorts of games like weaving in and out of all 9 holes or trying to walk from one end to the other without falling through a hole. Bring you and your 8 friends.

Water trampoline – Maximum fun at the lake! Jump high and jump off, or have someone else jump onto it and bounce you off. These trampolines come in 10, 15, or 20 foot sizes.

Floating cooler – While a floating cooler is technically not a toy, having your favorite beverages available on ice while you’re out on the lake in your floating chair or air mattress is sure convenient. You can keep some snacks cool and ready in the floating cooler as well.

Climbing toys – These come in many shapes and sizes, but they’re too big for the pool and are perfect for the wide open space of the lake. There are some that rock to and fro and the challenge is to stay standing, while others look like pyramid-shaped climbing walls with a slide down one side.

WaterMat – These are thin floating mats that are 20 feet long. So that means you can have several people on one, or you can practice standing and walking on it. You’ll look like you’re walking on water! If you want, you can attach a WaterMat to an anchor so that it stays in one location.

Water Parks – These are called water parks because they have several play spots, like a park. You can slide, get bounced off, balance, float, climb, and pretty much anything else you can think of. This can be anchored right off shore for days and days of summer water fun. The only thing missing is the sunscreen.

Here you have the big toys that need big bodies of water to be enjoyed. Just add the lake, some warm weather, and your friends and you’re bound to have a wonderful time each time you hit the water.

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