Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Allow The Emotions.

I’ve had an emotional few days. You know, the kind of days where everything feels fine them WHAM… knocked on my a$$ by super-powerful emotions. It started Saturday night with a terrible nightmare that I can’t begin to describe. Then on Sunday, Jason and I were decluttering our guest room and I decided to go through some of my mom’s jewelry I got after she died. There it was WHAM… I totally started crying. No rhyme or reason… after the tears stopped, I sat with it and thought hmmm “that was interesting. I wonder why that’s showing up now?”

Then we went for a hike at the lake yesterday… and you know, Mother Nature is the best teacher, right? I felt a lot of emotions moving through like the wind and the settling of deep-rooted things shifting into place… not to be gone and forgotten, just to be taken in stride.

Interesting things I notice when I allow, rather than resist.

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