Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Things Snow Survival Training Taught Me…

With all of the storms we’ve been having in Northern California, the unprecedented snowfall around the high country, and Southern California getting covered in snow in various areas as well, I thought a little it would be fun to share a few lessons I took away from snow survival training.

  1. Layer management is my friend.
  2. Warm breakfast is the best breakfast.
  3. There is no dieting when snow camping.
  4. When I sit still for longer than a few minutes, alllllll of the layers must go on.
  5. Boiled water in my Nalgene bottle tucked into my sleeping bag is literally a lifesaver.
  6. Hand warmers are a miracle.
  7. All of my clothing is wool or something similar – to prevent any potential for hypothermia or frostbite (a.k.a. as our trainer kept saying, “cotton kills.”).
  8. Communication is critical.
  9. The kitchen everyone built together is the “hub” of all things in camp.
  10. Base layers are functional, cozy, and can be worn literally the entire time.

What adventures would you create with the time I would free up for you?

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