Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Finding The Little Thing In Everything.

Sometimes inspiration for “what might be a cool photo” comes in unexpected places.

I noticed the broken piece from this stained glass window at a ghost town outside of Las Vegas when we visited in November.

As we were wandering around and taking in the scenery, I noticed what I had passed on the other side of this chapel was visible, through the stained glass.

And then the other half of the Hise HIkers came into the “frame” of the piece of the window that was broken.

Mind you, I do wish he was turned toward me… however, for a shot that wasn’t planned – I quite like it.

The graphic design student in me totally needed out about the filters in Photoshop that could replicate the effect around the piece that is in focus, when I’m closest to the window.

I included two other photos that show the progression of finding “this moment.”

This photography, nature, nerdy hiker girl moment is brought to you in part by the Hise Hikers.

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