On Saturdays, we are on the Healing Relationships trail.
I have shared with you before how much I *feel* music. I feel it deeply… I’ve even said I feel it in my soul.
Sometimes, I listen to a song and imagine the feelings that must have been experienced by the musician to create the piece as well as what experience created the song. A song I recently experienced this with is called “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron.
I’ll say it starts with a hanging chorus… and some instruments are brought in to accompany the chorus. As the singer begins the lyrics, there is an immediate tug on my heartstrings… and as I listen to the words – oooh, my heart. Such beauty. Such depth. Such heartfelt feeling.
I’ve sat in my backyard with a particular song on my phone or other device and sat in the grass… with my hands touching the earth.
I select the music intentionally – usually, something that I know has a profound effect on me, whether spiritually, because of a memory it elicits, etc.
Have you ever played with something like this?
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