On a recent backpacking adventure, after hiking 16.5 miles over about 9.5 hours, we found a spot to call camp for the night.

Throughout the day, we would take breaks and I’m always fascinated by the terrain changes around me as we hike. I’m mindful of what flowers we might be seeing that we hadn’t seen previously.

I take time to inventory my wounds (which, yes, I wear as a badge of honor, lol).

We cook dinner, share some stories, and begin preparations to turn in for the evening. Review the maps for tomorrow, check water sources, assess what food remains, how much water is needed to the next water spot, etc.

In between all those activities, there are moments of the lull. Moments of silence. These are the moments where there is a pause.

And if I listen, I might hear my soul’s deepest desires.

I might have a conversation with God.

I might give myself kudos for the kick-ass achievements of that day.

I might take stock of my life’s achievements.

And when the moment passes, I move on and about what I was doing – however, as I mentally unpack everything from the trip, it’s these moments where I noticed these powerful pauses that I feel some of the deepest transformations.

Are you mindful of the power of the pause?

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