The Month Of July Carries A Lot Of Things With It For Me, Emotionally.

Celebrations of several people’s birthdays, anniversaries, completion of this or that…

And honoring the memory of my mom, who unexpectedly passed away in 2012…

July was also when we took our first backpacking trip. And it absolutely changed and transformed my life…

As I started writing the outline for my new book, I was called to a particular memory of my very first backpacking trip in 2015….

We were set to hike a 40-mile stretch of the PCT from Donner Summit to Sierra City over 3 days. It was a majestic introduction to backpacking and to the PCT.

As we sat in our hotel room the night before we were to leave, I went through my nighttime routine, getting ready for bed and I prayed. I also set an intention. Here’s what I specifically said: “I am open to receiving whatever I am meant to receive on this trip.”

And I recited that intention over the 3-day trip.

When we returned home, I remember sitting at the dining room table and feeling a COMPLETE sense of peace in my heart. No regrets or sadness about things unsaid with my mom. No regrets or sadness about any of the other losses I endured during that 2-year period.

Just peace in my heart.

The only thing I could specifically point to was the intention I had set.

This was when I learned about the true power of setting an intention.

In looking at these photos from 8 years ago (this month), I see the true transformation from that 3-day trip… and the trajectory to the wilderness-loving, nature-inspired, tree-hugging amazing woman I am today.

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