You know that adage “Patience is a virtue?”

I’ve been thinking about my vocal condition and how I haven’t been able to recover my voice and I remembered off and on over the past few months thinking that God was working on my patience. I reflected on all the happenings in my life over the past almost 9 months that I’ve been without my voice and reiterated that my patience has definitely been strengthened.


Today, it struck me while I was driving across town for my acupuncture visit in Roseville that I hadn’t written ‘patience’ on side 3 of my Strategic Attraction Plan. Stacey Hall, the author of Chi To Be! ChiToBe Achieving Your Ultimate B-All, discusses the Strategic Attraction Plan in Chapter 4 of the book. Side 3 (on page 88 of the book – get your copy here:, she shares “At the top of Side #3, write:

“What do I Want My Perfect ________ (Fill in the blank) to Expect of Me?”

There are 4 sides to a Strategic Attraction Plan:

  • Side #1: The qualities of my perfect ___________ (fill in the blank)
  • Side #2: What makes me tick?
  • Side #3: What do I want my perfect ___________ (fill in the blank) to expect of me?
  • Side#4: What I AM in the process of Improving to Be More Attractive!

If you’d like more details, feel free to PM me – I’d love to share more.

And yes, when I got home from my acupuncture treatment, I wrote ‘patience’ on Side #3 on each of my Strategic Attraction Plans.

What are you in the process of attracting? I’d love to hear about it!

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