Think About It Thursday: The Infinite Silence.

I’ve been meditating more lately (since the last quarter of 2020, more regularly). And I’ll say that some of the things that I’ve reflected on, paid attention to, and brought to fruition are from the notions or ‘God gleaming’s’ that have been revealed later have been pretty incredible and I’m very grateful.

The infinite silence, I think, is awareness… awareness of the interconnectedness of all of the things around me. How that interconnectedness is connected to me, how I am connected to it..

I’m reminded, powerfully, of the thought that prayer is asking God for what I want (and thanking God for what I have), and when I meditate, I am tuning in and listening for the answers from God.

The card decks I began sharing last month are a *small part* of the infinite silence hidden between the thoughts… there’s sooo much more to come and I’m so excited to share more with you! ❤

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