Motivation Monday: Find The Sweet Spot.

I’ve recently noticed that on our neighborhood 5.2-mile training trek, our third mile is our ‘sweet spot’ where things feel easiest (or maybe the least challenging).

I found it interesting enough to kind of take note of performance in the other miles.

Mile 1, we’re working hard, getting warm, starting to cadence our breathing.

Mile 2, we’re improving, still pushing, still getting breath-to-cadence dialed in.

Mile 3, there it is… breathing is good, muscles are warmed up, all things considered- everything is good.

Mile 4, it’s the “proverbial” downhill… we know we’re almost done… and we are still pushing. It’s mostly an unremarkable mile.

Mile 5, it’s the “we’re almost home” and “maybe we’re driven by hunger (depends if we’re out just before lunch), so yeah, there’s a quickness to our stride.

However, looking at the data from my tracker over the past few months, it’s interesting to see that mile 3 is where the magic happens.

We have cut off over a minute in some cases from mile 1 to mile 3.

We have dubbed mile 3 the sweet spot.

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