Think About It Thursday: Be A Sunset Chaser…

At 5:13 pm this evening, I looked outside and could see the making of a gorgeous sunset in the works.

I quickly did a search to find out what time sunset happened today – 5:18 pm.

Ooooh there’s time!

So I took off down the hall, vying for a great spot to view the sunset.

I walked downstairs, headed outside, and then all the way around the hotel… seeking a spot to see the glorious colors.

None presented themselves.

As I was about halfway around the hotel, I looked up and noticed windows facing the direction I want to see – so I briskly walk around the rest of the way to the inside of the hotel, hoofing it up to the fourth floor via the stairs… no window there. Down a floor… bingo!

Here’s the pic I got… I think it was worth it.

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