SexTapemoviecoverI love summer time for the fun in the sun, visiting with friends and family, the movies, hiking and so much more. This week, I took a few minutes to do a review of the movie Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel.

I had seen a preview and thought the movie would be pretty funny. We were out with another couple for lunch and we all wanted to see a movie…Sex Tape came up and we all agreed that it would probably be a good one to see.

The movie is basically set around a couple, played by Diaz and Segel, who have been married a while, have 2 children and are so busy that they barely have time to kiss each other on the way out the door to work – let alone have time for intimacy and romance. 

During various conversations, the idea comes up to make a sex tape of themselves modeling after a book of various sexual positions. They proceed to do so over the course of an evening – and she asks him to delete the video from their camera after they are finished. For various reasons that I won’t spoil here for you, the video does not get erased, and instead is synced to all of Segel’s various devices – computers, tablets, etc., which are in the hands of their friends, family and even the CEO of a company considering buying Diaz’s blog. What ensues from here is good old fashioned hilarious. It involves hijinx, a mishap with cocaine involving the CEO of a the company looking to buyout Diaz’s mommy blog, a German Sheppard with quite a destructive streak, friends viewing the video, a don’t miss cameo by Jack Black and so much more.

At the end of the movie, be sure to stay through the credits – in the fashion of The Hangover, they reveal some of the things they did during the Sex Tape – which were quite hysterical.

If you see it, I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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