On Thursdays, we’re on the Listening Trail…

Sometimes you have to have faith… especially when you don’t want to… or when you don’t see it.

A few weeks ago, we sent an email to the wilderness office to check in and request our permit for a backpacking trip we had planned.

A few hours later, we received a notification that our trip had been canceled because the national forest (and all national forests throughout the state) was closed due to all of the limited fire crews being available if an accident or incident occurred, etc. and all of the fire activity all over the state. It’s totally understandable.

Ahhh I’d be lying if I said I was like “oh, ok no biggie.” This trip took SOOOOOO much hard work to plan 6 months ago when the permitting process became available. I cussed. I cried.

Then, I remembered, this isn’t about me. It is a reminder to lean into faith and trust that God’s timing is perfect. So, we shall regroup next year and now that we have our itinerary, we are even more ready!

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