When was the last time you spent time with yourself?

And yes, I’m being serious.

In a pre-podcast interview with someone earlier today, one of the reasons I love to get out in nature is because it reconnects me to my childlike awe and wonder that I sometimes forget to tap into in my day-to-day activities.

And then, poof… when I’m in nature – I’m running and skipping around like 10-year-old Dortha and I’m happy – in JOY, even.

This entire conversation got me thinking about how knowing that about myself helps me in many ways. If I’m feeling stressed out, I know spending time in nature will help me work out that stress and tap into the childlike wonder. If I am feeling the weight of the world, time in nature helps me step back from those struggles and appreciate nature from my joyful, appreciative, full of joy and wonder-filled self.

So, I made a decision to add this as a journal prompt in my regular journaling practice… here are a couple of prompts I jotted down to reflect on:

~~ What can I do in nature that taps into my childlike wonder and sense of awe?

~~ In the 5 minutes I have to take a quick break, how can I maximize those awesome feelings that I experience in nature?

~~ How can I bring in more fun?

Feel free to use these questions for yourself and I encourage you to adapt them to things that are meaningful for you…

When tapping into these questions, it helps explore things you may or may not know about yourself. And that leads to knowing yourself better, loving yourself more fully, and more.

If you explore this practice, I’d love to hear how it goes for you. <3

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