Motivation Monday: Some Days.

Some days I’m flying high and everything feels like it’s going my way… everything feels fantastic. They are the days where everything seems to fall into place effortlessly, and I’m the buzzard.

On other days, it seems that no matter how hard I put my efforts into it, things just do not turn out how I intended them to. I envision feeling like the frog jumping into the lanes of traffic (from the game Frogger) to avoid cars hitting it… nothing seems to go right and I’m the roadkill.

Want to know the bright side? Because yes, there is a bright side.

The bright side is that tomorrow is a new day. A new opportunity to have a great day (and be the buzzard), no matter how shitty today may have been.

The blessings we receive from God are that He forgives and forgets our sins and we get a new chance to make a new day right.

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