be the silver lining in someone's dayThis thought came to me while we were on our training trek at the Beatty Hill (stats: a little over 4 miles roundtrip, around 1,000 feet of elevation, and we had an average pace of 16:49/mile). It’s rainy here today and in the low 40s… so we had to bundle up and don some of our rain gear… fear not, the Hise Hikers area always prepared – haha.

As we continued up the hill, I’d look up and see the sun peeking out ever-so-slightly from the clouds and presenting that silver lining look.

This continued off and on throughout our trek and I realized that I was thinking the sun is luring me to continue because when it’s out, it warms us slightly… when it is hiding, we work a little extra hard to push through the chilly bits. So it got me thinking: I’ll be the silver lining to someone today.

I’m not sure who needs to hear this right now: you’re amazing, you’re stronger than you realize, you will persevere and I’m cheering for you! ❤

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