Motivation Monday: Lean Into The Silence Of Nature.

Post-backpacking reintegration back into civilization and reality can sometimes be a challenge. From adjusting to closer proximity to more people… to the sounds everywhere… to do all of the day-to-day things that somehow become simplified on the trail, one thing I do not take for granted is the beautiful silence that nature provides.

The first two nights we spent at Rosalie Lake and Thousand Island Lake. Both were spectacularly gorgeous. Both were immaculately silent.

Our third night’s camp was near a rushing creek… and while it provided the backdrop for the best night’s sleep our group may have had on this trip, it cannot be understated that the resounding silence wasn’t in this camp.

On some trips, I find unease in that silence. On other trips, I welcome that silence and embrace it fully.

On this trip, I welcomed the silence and wrapped my heart around it. Breathing in confidence and surreal beauty all around me… and exhaling and releasing all that is no longer serving me.

It’s a powerful exercise and experience. I’m grateful for every minute of it.

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