Wednesday Wisdom: Show Up How You Want Others To Show Up For You.

I was deep in a multi-day conversation on IG messenger with a friend who shared how much she really appreciated how I showed up for her, asked questions, and offered to be of support… allowing her space to vent or share or ask what I would do.

It got me thinking about other situations where I’ve tried to have similar conversations with people and it fell completely flat.

Isn’t it lovely to be acknowledged and met where we are?

I sat with the exchange and the other recent conversations that I considered to have fallen flat – and you know what? Those where it felt like they fell flat were ones where people were meeting me where they could… where they were capable of meeting me. And that’s ok. They are doing the best that they can.

Let’s be honest… the past two years have thrown us all into uncharted territory. Some people are managing well. Others are struggling. And others still are somewhere in that range.

So, the conclusion I reached is that I’m not going to let the conversations that fell flat of where I hoped they would be/ go put a damper on how I show up for others… and that is to show up for others how I want others to show up for me.

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