Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday tip…Shine when it’s your time.💫
If you read my Motivation Monday post from yesterday, you’ll know that I recently had a bit of a rough weekend. Ugh, right?
As I started having conversations with other hiker friends, I started to realize I almost fell into the “comparison trap” by looking at my husband and thinking “gosh, he can do it…. what’s my deal?”
Or, it might be in the form of constantly replaying in my head where I got stuck on the mountain and trying to figure out why I couldn’t make it to that “next spot.”
You see, it doesn’t matter right now… I’m working on getting more comfortable and better equipped to the terrain that made me uncomfortable and that is a step in a positive direction. Whoot! 🦖
This quote spoke very loudly to me right now… maybe it will speak to you as well. ❤
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