Wednesday Wisdom: Sharing My Gifts With The World.

It’s been a pretty prolific past 30 days or so for me personally.

I have been on numerous interviews and summits, and I submitted a chapter for a multi-author book project of which I’m grateful to be a part.

I used to think that sharing any of what I know wasn’t anything all that special because I figured “well, gosh, doesn’t everyone know how to do that?”

And what I didn’t realize in doing that was I was minimizing my gifts. And that isn’t being of service or showing up for others at all.

Because, yes, what I have to share IS special… it’s how I approach it, how I share my experiences, and how I relate to others. At least, I think that’s part of it. 😉

So today, I’m holding the space for myself as I am celebrating participating as a guest expert on summits, being interviewed as an expert, and to contribute to a book project.

I asked a couple of dear friends to be “an extra set of eyes” on the chapter I submitted and received feedback that they thought it was so beautiful and touching… that makes my heart happy!

How are you sharing your gifts with the world?

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