Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Be A Sucker For The Sentiment.

  • Be a sucker for sentiment.
  • Love love.
  • Laugh until you snort.
  • Be a goof.
  • Do all of the things that make your soul satisfied.

Spoiler alert: I’m a total sucker for sentiment.

A few ways that I’m a sucker for sentiment:

I carry postcards, stamps, and a pen (in addition to my journal) on backpacking trips and spend time in camp writing postcards to people as a way of keeping the memory of our friend Rob with us.

I keep greeting cards, notes, and other mementos from people and revisit them to invoke the sentimental, heartfelt moments that they were sent with (and my heart when I received them).

How about you? Are you a sucker for sentiment? Do you love love? How about laughing until you snort? Are you a goof? Are you doing things that make your soul satisfied?

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