On Mondays, We’re On The How To Trail…

See the world differently.

On a recent drive, Jason and I made a big loop from our house and took in all of the beautiful fall colors.

We took some dirt roads to find majestic views like the one in the pic below.

In fact, we had talked about wanting to drive down the road we were on in this picture because we have snowshoed and snow camped off this road many times in the winter… how fun!

And that got me to thinking about something I read in a program I’m participating in right now… “see the world differently, show up differently.”

And this morning a friend shared that it seemed like we are always finding a new place to explore… and that is very true. We always seek adventure in new and known places. 🙂

Sometimes the beauty is as close as Folsom Lake, only a few miles from our house… while others, like the beauty of Red Peak, Red Lake, Elephant’s Back, Carson Pass, and a multitude of others while donning their spectacular fall colors were probably a hundred miles or so of driving to see and explore.

And for your amusement, I will share that Jason wandered out into a meadow to take a photo, I crawled into a seated position on the passenger door frame while kind of crouching to get the *proper angle* to get the pic you see here.

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