Motivation Monday: Savor The Awe. 🥰

We are just back from a few days of camping among the Calaveras Big Trees.

We enjoyed complete relaxation at camp.

We took in all of the beautiful sites all around – including the big trees, a visit to Lake Alpine, and more.🌊

Jason enjoyed a short swim in the lake and said the water temp was “comfortable compared to some alpine lakes we’ve been to.”

We savored every single minute of our time in nature.💗

Bonus laugh: last night, a few hours after we went to bed, we heard some nearby campers yelling, “get out of here!” followed by, “don’t run!” We both immediately bolted to sitting up and grabbed our lights to see if the bear we figured was in their camp was on its way toward us. (we discovered the ‘don’t run’ comment was to the young kids in their camp so that it wouldn’t engage a prey/predator situation for the bear)

It wasn’t.

We then heard a few minutes of silence.

Next, we heard another set of campers a few campsites over away yelling and their dogs were barking profusely. Yikes! 😬

The encounter with the bear averted, we heard someone at the second camp mention that “someone had left out chicken stock on the table.” Oopsie.

As we turned off our headlamps, we laughed about our “always be prepared for bears” positioning and we were glad everyone was ok in this experience.🐻

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