Pretty Smart ServicesYou’re a perfect client to work with Pretty Smart Virtual Services, if this is you:

  • you might be a little tech savvy but you don’t want to do it
  • you have a vision for your business, and sometimes you don’t know what’s possible, so perhaps you’re dreaming a little small and you need a team to support you to those dreams and beyond
  • you would love to hand over projects and let my team and I handle them for you
  • you don’t want to micromanage
  • you want to give your vision to someone, have them expand it and then run with it
  • you’re likely on the brink of the next level in your business and feeling a little scared about how to make it happen
  • you’re not sure what to delegate, you’re feeling overwhelmed but you know that you can’t keep doing what you’re doing

Below is a list of our services and while we feel it is fairly inclusive, if you do not see the service you are seeking, please let us know as we are broadening our service offerings every month.


  • newsletters (Aweber, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, MailChimp)
  • graphic design services (we specialize in page layout, flyer design and more)
  • creating and executing social media plans
  • participating in discussions on social media
  • daily / weekly / monthly social media planning and implementation
  • short and long term planning

Systems & Automation

  • website creation / design / development / maintenance
  • creating info products
  • we can help to identify which solution works best for you and your business
  • short and long term planning

Content Creation

  • copywriting
  • ghostwriting
  • blogging
  • drafting proposals
  • short and long term planning


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