Do you work at home? Do you constantly feel like your to do list is longer at the end of the day versus where it was at the beginning of the day? I want to share some productivity tips that have helped me keep organized and productive!

  1. Maintain a clear working space–I know this may be easier said than achieved. Spend a few minutes each day (perhaps a few times a day) clearing the clutter on your desk. It will open up your space, allow your thinking to flow more clearly and be more productive.
  2. Spend time reviewing your calendar at the beginning of each week–I do this to make sure I know what’s happening in my week, what I need to plan for, any items I need to pull together for meetings, etc.
  3. My friend Stacey Hall, author of Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All, shares a tip of using a clutter box in every room of your house. You put things in the box that are cluttering your space and when you have a few minutes to go through the clutter box, you go through it and decide whether to keep it or put it in an appropriate place.
  4. De-cluttering your inbox–this is a big one that can be a time sucker! Spend 15 minutes a day and go through your inbox prioritizing what is “junk,” what can be “read later” and what must be dealt with “right now.”
  5. Limit your time on Facebook (or whatever other platform you feel you may be spending too much time on). Set a timer, literally, and abide by it. Spend 15 minutes a day posting, responding and doing other social media activities. You’ll be so glad you did!

What’s your favorite productivity tip?

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