We often have clients who come to our business and need support in a variety of ways to support them in becoming more efficient. Here are the three things we see most often:

  1. Social media: our clients typically start with us and state they haven’t been posting much, don’t know where to start, are unsure of what platforms to be on. We support our clients to identify a plan, identifying the appropriate platforms, and scheduling for consistency;
  2. Blogs: similar to social media, many of our clients come to us with the complaint of “I don’t have time to blog!” Our team can support them from ghost-writing the content to posting to listing on blog directories to create more traffic to the blog. One of the biggest reasons to blog is for the SEO it provides your website;
  3. Newsletters: some entrepreneurs feel like a newsletter is an outdated way to stay in touch. The truth of the matter is, it’s still a great way to stay in touch with your audience–in particular, those who have opted in to receive your content. Our team has found that integrating video and lots of images with good content creates a dynamic readership and an in-tune loyal following. We say, keep on with the newsletters!

What is the challenge you are currently working through in your business? Can we be of support?

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