Wellness Wednesday: Do you feel selfish when you take time (or make time) for your self-care? Self-care isn’t selfish! I used to feel that way, too. Now I realize that taking time for myself allows me to be there more fully for others. Kind of like the flight attendant says, “in case of a change in cabin pressure, please put on your mask first before helping small children or those acting like small children who may be traveling with you.” lol I have to put on my oxygen first.

For me, self-care is generally my “me time” workout at 5 am, it’s playtime with our pet birds Chuck and Nunchuck, it’s a virtual coffee date with a friend, a bath with essential oils, a backpacking trip, or hike in nature. Those are some of my favorites.

Did you know that I write a weekly column in the Positive Solutions To Stop Selling Out On Yourself group on this topic… if you could use more tips for self-care (plus all of the other amazing topics that are shared the other days of the week), consider joining me there. It’s a lot of fun and such great info is shared there.

How are you making yourself a priority today?

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