perspective from the trailThis photo was taken a few weeks ago on a 30-mile stretch of the PCT and I have to say when I look at it closely it looks fake! haha

The scenery was otherworldly… the perspective was breathtaking. As I came up the switchback below me to the next one above, I paused and took a moment to catch my breath, look around and I thought, “wow, this is a really cool perspective with our friend on the lower part of the switchbacks and my hubby out in front of me… so cool.” 🧐

And when we got to the top of this ridge, very near Elephant’s Back in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, I asked if either of them saw this perspective and both hadn’t.

It was a reminder to me that it’s good to pause every so often and look up and look around and take note of what’s going on around me.

How are you taking note of your surroundings or changes in your perspective?🦖

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