Wednesday Wisdom: Do That Thing…

I’ve been pondering the things that have provided the most growth in my life lately.

Things that I perceived as challenging, things I didn’t know how to do, or things I was afraid to do are all on that list.

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing my journey in creating my card decks which have been a foundational piece in building out the “Choose Your Own Adventure Healing Portal” that I’ve also been working on.

In a recent brainstorming session about the flow of all the “paths” I’m creating for the different programs, the knowledge gaps I’ve identified of the people whom I’ll be working with to help them get into nature are a lot of the same ones I’ve mentioned for myself above.

I’m leaning into the opportunities for growth knowing that I’m intended to get this message out of my head and out into the world… and THAT’S an exciting feeling!

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