Motivation Monday: I get to decide.

This past weekend was one of those surreal, brings up some emotions kinda weekends. In a good way.

You may remember me sharing a few weeks ago about a disappointing attempt to summit Round Top Mountain and that I got stuck in a spot where I was unable to continue my ascent.

Recently, We were listening to a book that shared something that stuck with me about not looking in the rear view mirror and gauging what I’m doing/ going to do based on past failures or misses. (#mymiraclemorning)

In the last mile of the summit up to Mt. Rose, it wasn’t particularly challenging (well, other than it was almost 1,000 feet from the saddle up to the summit – phew) or technical… however, it did require that mental toughness I’ve also talked about in the past.

I continued putting one step in front of the other… and I didn’t lean back on *any* of my past experiences. I just kept thinking “what if I just believe I can?” and “just keep going.” You get the idea, right?

On our way down, we were unpacking the summit approach and our experiences and I got a little choked up… you see, it’s that little bit of confidence that I gained in that trek that will continue to propel me forward. And, on my next summit hike (which I’m now confident there WILL be), I will use this same tactic. Awesome!

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