Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Find The Oasis In The Chaos.

How are you doing?

Can I ask if you are feeling any of these things:

… fed up?

… pissed off?

… like “enough is fricken enough?!”

Does it feel like every time you turn on the TV, there’s a message of gloom and doom? Maybe your social media feeds are all inundated with negativity or other things that aren’t uplifting your spirit. Perhaps you’re at odds with those around you.

Whatever chaos you have going on right now, I would love to invite you into an oasis with me.

I’ll be leading an Empowerment Circle, in partnership with Powerful Women Today, once monthly, via Zoom and it will be an oasis providing a mental adventure that is relaxing, refreshing, rejuvenating, and all of the things to allow you that feeling of satisfaction my husband and I affectionately refer to as the “post-hike euphoria.”

I believe there is an adventure every day, and it’s up to me to find it. I will be sharing easy and actionable ways to get into nature, connect with nature, and bring elements of nature into our daily lives.

Connecting with Nature is one of the oldest practices that can be cathartic in so many ways – from earthing, grounding, hugging a tree, and journaling in nature, to pulling motivational cards to help get into action – this gathering will inspire you to take motivated, sustainable action toward getting out and being out in nature more often.

If you’d like to join me, drop your favorite nature GIF below… or comment “Send me the link” and I’ll be sure you get the info you need!

What adventures would you create with the time I would free up for you?

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